This is notified for information all concerned that the IQAC of Rangia College is hereby reconstructed as per the revised NAAC guidelines for the session 2019-20 with the following members and will effect from the date of notification.

 1.Chairperson: Principal,  Rangia College 2.Administrative officers     i. Dr. Prem Kishan Singha, Academic,Coordinator ii. Mrs. Manjushree Devi, Librarian, RC   iii. Mr. Ramani Rajbongshi, Supervising  Assistant 3. Teacher Members
i.Dr. Debraj Sarma, Associate Professor, Department of Geography

ii.Dr. Leen Baruah Bordoloi, Associate Professor, Department of English.
iii.Dr.Poritosh Ch Das. (Associate Professor), Department of Mathematics iv.Dr. Rina Barman. (Associate Professor), Department of Physics v. Mr. Dinesh Lahkar. (Associate Professor), Department of Economics vi.Dr.Jayashree Sarma (Assistant Professor), Department of Economics 4.Member of the Management Mr. Ankur Khataniar, Teachers representative , G.B. 5. Nominees from local society, student, Alumni.  
i. SDO or His/her representative

ii. Dr. Parth Pratim Mahanta, Principal, B.Ed College, Rangia iii. President / General Secretary of Rangia college student union
iv.  Mr. Sanjib Kalita, Alumni, Rangia Colleg

6.Coordinator, IQAC, Rangia College : Dr.Monoj Kr Singha, Department of Physics, RC

 (Dr.Brajendra Saikia)

Principal, Rangia College, Rangia.

Minutes of the IQAC meeting