Governing Body of Rangia College:

1.President: Sri Bhabendra Nath Deka, President.

2.Secretary : Dr. Brajendra Saikia, Principal & Secretary, Rangia College.

3. Sjt. Bhabesh Kalita (Special Invitee)


3.Dr. Nripendra Nath Talukdar ,G.U.Nominee.

4.Dr. K.M. Sinha, G.U. Nominee.

5.Mrs. Anupama Das, Guardian Representative.

6.Mr. Dilowar Hussain, Guardian Representative.

7.Mr. Madhab Ch. Rabha , Guardian Representative.

8.Prof. Ankur Khataniar, Associate Professor, Teachers Representative

9.Dr. Dilip Deka, Assistant Professor, Teachers Representative

10. Mrs. Manjushree Devi, Librarian, Ex-officio Member

11.Sri. Akuntha Kakati, Lab Bearer, Non Teacher Representative, Rangia College


Planning And Development Committee:

The faculty members of the planning and development committee assist in preparing the annual budget of the College, take effective steps in the construction works as per the directive of the G.B. and suggest measures for physical and academic development of the College.

The major items are purchased as per directive of the Planning and Development Committee with due approval of the Governing Body. Laboratory equipments and materials are purchased as per the requirement of the respective department.

Coordinator: Principal

Members: 5

  1. Academic Committee:

(i)The faculty members in academic cum quality assurance Committee look into the academic affairs of the College and suggest measures for the improvement of the academic quality of the various departments by introducing effective feed back systems, holding tutorial and remedial classes for different categories of the students.

(ii)The faculty members of the academic cum quality assurance committee assist the Principal in preparing the academic calendar.

President: Principal


Examination Committee:

The faculty members of the examination committee look into the matter of smooth conduct and management of the College Examinations such as Unit Tests, Annual and Test examinations.

President: Principal


Library Committee:

The faculty members of the library committee look into the matters of effective management of the library and into the purchase of books, of various departments as per the need of the syllabi. They also suggest the College authority to procure up to date study materials including research journals for the benefit of different categories of students. Further they suggest measures to recover the books from the default students and to apply the library rules strictly for the well being of the institution.

President: Principal


  1. Grievance Redressal Cell, Rangia College
  2. Member Secretary : Principal

2.Two members from GB.

  1. Three members from teaching Staff.
  2. One from non teaching staff Who are the Grievant:

The Grievant include students/teaching and Non-teaching staff/Guardian/and other stakeholder of the college.

How Grievances are lodged:

Any Grievance from any quarter as referred to in col–2 is to be reported to the principal either verbally or in writing. Methodology for redressal of the grievances:

a) In case of any grievance of ordinary nature the principal disposes off the matter within 48 hours in consultation with the Vice-Principal and one or two senior colleagues.

b) In matters of academic problems, the principal makes an effort to resolve the same in 3 days in consultation with the department concerned. If the grievant is not satisfied, the matter is referred to the cell for resolution in a week’s time.

c) In matters of serious nature, the principal refers the same to the cell in a bid to mitigate the grievances at the earliest possible opportunity.

d) Any grievant, not satisfied with the decisions of the cell may make a fresh appeal to the cell for reconsideration .

e) If the cell feels it necessary, the matter may be referred to the G.B. for final disposal.